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Jessie has been involved in photography, from weddings, to portraits, to events, for almost ten years. Her passion for adventure has led her to a number of exciting and unique photography experiences. In 2018 Jessie used her skills in photography to produce a photo series called Humans of Basic Income that amplifies the stories of the recipients of the prematurely cancelled Basic Income Pilot Project in Ontario. Her photos have been featured on CBC, The Huffington Post, the Toronto Star, the Lindsay Advocate, the Moonshot Podcast in Australia, and Kyoto News in Japan.

An accomplished classical pianist, Jessie has been playing piano for over twenty years. In 2015, she was a finalist in CBC's Piano Hero, a national contest for pianists. She ended up in the top 15 out of hundreds of pianists across the country. Her favorite composers to play are Franz Liszt, and Debussy.

Jessie is also a writer, with work that is published in the Huffington Post.

Jessie lives in Hamilton, ON, and can be reached via e-mail, at jessie.golem@gmail.com